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 I don't want to be human! I want to see gamma rays! I want to hear x-rays, and I- I want to- I want to smell dark matter! I want to reach out with something other than these prehensile paws, and feel the solar wind of a supernova flowing over me!

I'm a machine, and I can know much more.

 Fuck the Yankees.

That is all.

There's a certain point where further procrastination becomes completely infeasible. I call that point "Stacie got it done before I did." Disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful.

Alright, so it's late. Even thought I'm not completely thrilled with the writing quality here, I need to get to bed and I know I'll just start over if I look at this tomorrow. So I'm posting.

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Thoughts on Sin

Stephanie: Essentially the science version of Adam and Eve? :p
Michael: KIND OF like science's Adam and Eve except really really metaphorical.
Stephanie: right
Stephanie: well
Michael: Plus that suggests science has dogma. :P
Stephanie: the "real" adam and eve was metaphorical too
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Perception of Time in Valinor
  1. Time is perceived differently in Valinor than it is in Middle-earth, AKA the world as we know it.
  2. This difference in time perception is such that exactly one hundred forty-four years here is perceived as one year there.
  3. The mechanism in which time is perceived differently is known as time dilation.
  4. Time dilation is a function of general relativity, and occurs with enormous changes in velocity relative to the constant speed of light in a vacuum, c.
  5. Calculating time dilation is actually so easy an undergraduate could do it!

Assume that Elves are running at "proper time," or ⌂t. As we experience a time dilation factor of 144.0000, we set ⌂t to 1 and ⌂t' to 144. From there, it's a bunch of basic algebra as we solve for v, or the velocity of a stationary dweller of Middle-earth relative to that of a stationary Elf in Valinor. Input our data...

...and there we have it. We are experiencing a dilation factor of 298749698.5.


Assume that it takes the typical Adan three-fourths of a second to walk a meter; that is, he walks at a pace of 0.75 s/m. To obtain the velocity, simply take the reciprocal of that value: 1.333 m/s. Divide this number by our dilation factor to determine the actual velocity of an Elf, from our perspective, who believes himself to walking at the exact same pace.

Now, please excuse me if I cannot obtain a firm grasp on just how slow this Elf must be moving. Let's convert back to seconds per meter, and then crunch that number down into something more meaningful.

...seven years to walk one meter. My gods, Elves are full of phail.

EDIT: I suppose it would be fair to point out that 1 meter to an Elf would be 289,749 kilometers to us over here in Middle-earth due to Lorentz contraction. But, on the other hand, that's only because Lorentz contraction causes that Elf to expand in the direction in which he's travelling. Ergo, Elves in Valinor are 298749698 times fatter than they are in Middle-earth.

On the plus side, the only weigh 1/298749698th as much as they do over here.

Relativity is screwy.

EDIT 2: Fuck LJ Cuts.

Philosophers Need a Hobby
Taking ethics training today. Came across this.

"The word ethics comes from the greek ETHIKA, meaning "custom" -- as in how we normally or should treat one another; the word morals comes from the latin MORES, meaning "custom" -- as in how we normally or should treat one another. For the past 2000 years, ethicists and philosophers have been trying to differentiate between the two and in fact many use them interchangeably."

What the Christ. It's the same fucking word!

“From here, southward along the Hithæglir, onward to Calenarðon. It shall be in the shadows of Minas Anor that we shall unite with Gondor’s armies. Once organized, we must surely retake Ithilien from the Enemy.”

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"For for this were you brought out of the Wrack of Gondolin."
Let's be honest here; we know next to nothing about Eärendil. The chapter within The Silmarillion was mostly based upon the text of the first Quenta Silmarillion, found in HoMe V. This dates to around the 1930s; a good twenty or so years earlier than the material that Christoper used to write just about the rest of the published Silmarillion. The first Quenta Silmarillion was barely more than a scheme or an outline, and because of this we know jack about the life of, arguably, the most important of all Incarnates.

The following is an outline that incorporates details from HoMe II: The Book of Lost Tales, Part Two. The texts within this volume are, undisputably, those that go into the most details regarding Eärendil -- and yet, incredibly, they're still only outlines! So why did put it together?

Because, even if its validity is highly debatable, I still wanted to know more about the life of one of my favorite characters in the drama of Arda. This scheme is tantamount to fan fiction. It has a loosely legitmate basis, but I think you'll see why I doubt it was Tolkien's final vision on the matter after you've given it a read. That said, it is probably the best shot at understanding Eärendil's life that we have available to us.

This is, by the way, the first time I've posted this online. Enjoy.

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It's funny because you KNOW that's how it all would've went down...
Michael: You DARE claim that Emperor Fëanor would be more awesome than Emperor Palpatine?!
 rhaella : yes icon_biggrin.gif
Michael: You're fucked up.
rhaella: icon_razz.gif
Michael: If Palpatine and Fëanor switched places...
rhaella: the empire would have self destructed much sooner XD

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A look back in history: inventor of the first fusion reaction
OVirginSaint: I like [Varda] for one thing
OVirginSaint: inadvertently kicking down the "keep out" ward to the west that the Valar put up.
Michael: XP
Michael: Yay inadvertent actions!
OVirginSaint: it was a dumb thing to put up in the first place
Michael: I don't like the Valar. icon_sad.gif
Michael: At least I used to like Varda... she had such soft, silky, beautiful blue hair...
Michael: And... uhhh... she made stars.
OVirginSaint: she made shinies >.>
OVirginSaint: *stuffs Feanor back into the closet*
Michael: It takes a lot more power to make stars then it does to make a little wind, Eruspammit!
Michael: I'd like to see MANWË kick-start a multi-billion year fusion process!
OVirginSaint: XD
Falathrim: MICHAEL: Killing the magic of Tolkien, one science factoid at a time.
OVirginSaint: hmm Varda with a labcoat and glasses...
OVirginSaint: hawt <3
Michael: XD
Michael:OMG I think I like Varda again.
OVirginSaint: Manwe: Whatcha doing wife? I'm boooooored. Varda: Oh, you know. Star making. Takes a long time.
OVirginSaint: XD
OVirginSaint: Manwe: Starmaking? that's BORING. Varda: Can you do it? Manwe: ..erm...no. Varda: Shut up and go play with your birds then.
Michael: XD

And this, mind you, is why I'm still okay with Varda, despite her being a complete fucking bitch.


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